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Join Kira Learning at one of our upcoming in-person or virtual events.

Upcoming events


Thursday, July 25th, 2024 | 4:00 - 5:00 pm CST

Back to School with Kira: Pacing & Organization

Join us to explore the structure of Kira courses and effective teaching strategies. We will cover:

  • Course Structure: Units, lessons, steps, and content types
  • Teaching Methods: Whole group instruction vs. independent learning
  • Class Period Pacing: Sample schedules and strategies for 45, 60, and 90-minute periods


Thursday, August 1st, 2024 | 4:00 - 5:00 pm CST

Back to School with Kira: Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

Join us to learn how to handle common student issues and communication strategies. We will cover:

  • Common Issues Students Face: Technical and academic challenges
  • How a Student Can Inform You of an Issue: Communication channels and guidelines
  • How to Ask a Student to Re-submit an Assignment: Steps and feedback tips


Past events


Thursday, July 18th, 2024 | 4:00 - 5:00 pm CST

Back to School with Kira: Lesson Planning Made Easy
Join us for a deep dive into creating and managing your weekly schedule. We will cover:

  • Making Your Weekly Schedule: Importance, step-by-step guide, balancing lesson planning, grading, and progress monitoring
  • Sharing the Schedule with Students: Effective communication and utilizing Kira’s features
  • Staying on Track: Visual reminders, organizing in planners, adjusting plans, welcoming and catching up new students
  • Organizing Teacher Resources: Tips for quick access to frequently used materials

Friday, July 12th, 2024 | 3:00 - 4:00 pm CST

Back to School with Kira: Getting Started with Kira Basics

Join us for a comprehensive tour of Kira Learning’s platform from a teacher’s perspective. We will cover:

  • Platform Tour: Dashboard overview, sections & roster management, grade book functionalities
  • Creating & Managing Sections: Step-by-step setup, adjusting section settings, accessing teacher resources
  • Using the Knowledge Base: Navigating and utilizing support resources effectively 


July 8--11, 2024 | Murfreesboro, TN

TSIN CS Accelerator Week - Middle School and High School Workshops

Join our in-person workshops for Tennessee educators to explore Kira’s CS curriculum, meeting state requirements for CS credit in both high school and middle school. Learn to effectively use Kira’s resources, platform, and AI-assisted tools, and customize lesson plans to engage your students. Gain practical experience and confidence to successfully implement Kira’s courses in your classroom.


July 8--11, 2024 | Murfreesboro, TN

TSIN CS Accelerator Week - AP Computer Science Principles Workshop

Get hands-on experience with Kira’s new AP CSP learning platform! Led by a seasoned CS educator, this workshop will equip you with the tools to prepare your students for success on the AP CSP exam. You’ll learn effective strategies for managing and assessing independent projects, explore Kira’s built-in AI Tutor to support student learning, and discover ways to create a fun, engaging CS experience for your classroom.

Kira Learning is proudly recognized by the College Board as an endorsed provider of curriculum and professional development for AP Computer Science Principles.


June 17th, 2024 | Johnson City, TN | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm EST

Johnson City - Kira Learning Professional Development

This PD with Kira Learning will be an immersive learning and development experience where you'll spend time reviewing best practices for instruction and getting ahead on planning so you start the 2024-2025 school year off on a strong note.


May 15, 2024

Next Steps with Kira (CSEP)

Great work on your CSEP certification! Learn what's next with Kira Learning. In this webinar, we'll give a platform overview, feature demos, and more.

TSIN Innovation Summit

May 9-10, 2024

TSIN Innovation Summit 2024

Find Kira Learning at the exhibitor hall! On Thursday at 5pm after the summit, join us in person for drinks and appetizers at Puckett's Grocery & Restaurant (500 Church St., Nashville, TN 37219). Puckett's is a 10-minute walk from Music City Center, so we encourage folks to walk straight over after the conference wraps up for the day.

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May 2, 2024

Sneak Peek: Kira Product Changes for the 2024-25 School Year


April 25, 2024

Piloting Kira Learning's Middle School Course after TCAP


April 18, 2024

Satisfying Tennessee's High School Computer Science Requirement with Kira Learning


March 21, 2024

Schedule Your Middle School Kira Classes to Meet the CS Requirement

webinar 1

February 22, 2024

Grading Tips & Tricks in the Updated Kira Platform


February 1, 2024

Best Practices and Resources for Teaching Kira's Middle School Course


January 3, 2024

Kicking off 2024 with Kira Learning

webinar 4

December 12, 2023

Preparing for and teaching the Kira Learning High School Course

webinar 3

December 5, 2023

Preparing for and teaching the Kira Learning Middle School Course

webinar 2

November 28, 2023

Empowering Tennessee Educators - How to Use Kira Learning's Platform for CS Instruction


November 21, 2023

Understanding the Tennessee Computer Science Requirement: No-cost supports and how to access them